Once there were two lions. They were brother and sister. Lionel was the name of the boy and Lionee was the name of the girl.
     Lionee was always getting her brother in trouble. This particular day it was raining and Lionee and Lionel wanted to go outside and play in the rain. They asked their mother and she said no. She was cleaning their house and told them to go into their room and clean it up too.
     Lionee and Lionel went into their rooms and just sat there. They wanted to go out and play and not clean their room. As they were laying there, Lionee said "Lionel, lets sneak out the window and play in the rain. Then we can come back in and clean our room". Lionel said " Lionee, you know mother told us not to go out into the rain, but clean our room" . Lionee answered, Lionel you are a fraidy cat. Mother will not know and what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Lionel was reluctant to go, but Lionee jumped out the window and slipped in the mud outside the window and got mud in her eyes and up her nose. She yelled out in pain. Lionel heard his sister and he jumped out the window to help her. He didn't fall but when he say Lionee all muddy he started to laugh because she was funny looking with mud all over her face and mane. Lionee began to laugh too. You know when someone starts laughing, other people just seem to join in laughing too. Lionee decide to get mud on her brother, so she turned around and  using her hind legs, began throwing mud all over Lionel.
      Lionel didn't like the wet mud and it mad him angry at his sister so he turned around and started throwing mud on his sister. In just a short time they were both covered from head to tail with mud. Soon they were both tired from all the hard work of throwing mud on each other and just sat down and laughed and rested. What they didn't know was that while they were throwing mud on each other, some missed and went through their window into the house.
      Then Lionel said, " Lionee, we better get cleaned up and get back in our room and clean it up before mother comes looking for us. Lionel went to the pond behind the house and got in the water and cleaned himself all up. He went back to the house and climbed back through the window into their room. Meanwhile Lionee decided she should clean up too and she went to the pond and cleaned herself up. Then she started back to the house and she heard mother lion scream.
     Mother lion had gone into the room to tell Lionee and Lionel that the rain had stopped and they could go outside if they were finished cleaning their room and saw mud all over the floor and even some on the bed. She asked Lionel how the mud got there and why the room wasn't clean. About that time Lionee, having seen their mother in their room, went to the front door and entered their room where Lionel and Mother Lion were. Mother said, " Lionel, I told you to clean up the room and you must have gone outside and played in the mud. Lionee then said " I told Lionel not to go outside and now I have to clean up the room again it was so clean." Mother asked Lionee where she was when she came into the room and Lionee told her she had just gone to take some dirty clothes to the wash. Lionel said no she didn't, she was outside in the rain and mud. She went out first and fell and hurt herself and I had to go help her. Mother said, you are just trying to get her into trouble so you must clean up the room all by yourself and, Lionee you can come into the kitchen and have some milk and cookies while Lionel cleans up the room.
     Lionee was always getting her brother in trouble when it was her fault. But as Mother was walking back to the kitchen with Lionee, she saw wet paw prints at the entrance to the front door and said, Lionee, I just cleaned that floor so you must have been outside in the rain too and came in the front door. You are going to have to help Lionel clean the room. For telling me a fib, you will not get any cookies and you will help clean the room and the two of you will have to stay in all day Saturday and do your homework.

Lionee was always getting her brother into trouble. And the point of this story is that telling a fib is wrong and you should always tell the truth. A fib is always found out sooner or later and the punishment is always worse than if you tell the truth the first time.  So obey your mother and father always and you will do what God wants you to do.

That's the story of Lionee and Lionel in the mud and rain. Good night Ellie and Evan.

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